Friday, November 22, 2019

5 Day Elusives - Gas Attack pregun - Metaphysician Notes

Primary - Gas Attack pregun

5 Day Elusives:

- hair texture/shade attack_(mid collar). B4 Art.

- light skin. B4 Art.

- book of spells

- killing trobe - [old women 90 b4 art; old men b4 art;]

- shoes. mingle b4.

- height. B4 Art.

- money exchange. $200. in pocket right side. B4 Art.

- hair texture/shade attack_(high collar). B4 von.

- light skin. B4 von.

- shirt and pants. mingle b4.

- height. B4 von.

- money exchange. $500. in pocket right side. b4 Art.

- porn. viseo's. B4 Art.

- shoes. mingle b4.



INFORMATIONAL with how to invoke and start.


All women now.


All b4 Art .


Exposing there are no jobs or workers.


A room.


A caribbean stomach.




Monday, October 14, 2019

Metaphysician Notes - Major Gears - Timeline


See images below for R reference.


Car Involvement
Dog Indident

[all reference R ; R walks the N ; Beingness - SAME R]


Represented as the entire (ME GRID) and they do opposite; after pay toward door project. They are right there amongst N's the most.

Beingness is NOW; quiet and knowledge Identical to DAD with issue surround or a Major N. (N but brainy; quiet alot looking) (Where R does him).


The entire N Grid and what they DO as I'm solo and its not necessary for extra.

All are MAJOR GEARS. Including the ME GROUPS.


ART: was recovered (it's me); the never takes it the whole time and operates @ that level. Involved with everything. Goes from lowest to highest.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Metaphysician Notes - A New Program - Realm Review

Realm 3 ; N / 10 family / 8 Business; [Art: 3 houses and Art's reside]; master fucking

Realm 2 ; .5 N (red head w/ kids) / 5 family / 6 Business; [Art: he's talking to kids; he's shown with person on left] ; major fucking

Realm 1 ; .3 N (red head w/ business) / 4 family / 5 Business ; [Art: talking w/ himself] ; fucking

Realm 0 ; no N / 2 family / 2 - 3 Business ; [Art: w/ coins] ; fucking/shemming

REALM:  GOVT  1/N ; 2/Family ; 3/Business
    ART   [Physical] [Where the house resides]
    PROSPECTUS [Spiritual] [Where the house comes/Where he walks to you]

PHYSICAL: Overrides wife and still has needs ; but really has to tell her tell her, you don't DO. Over abundant jealous cause she doesn't say anything to his physical.


- Gathering all the N. Nothing left. (drip level shit)

* Realm 3

- Gathering all the Ant. Nothing left. (rest of the fuck/drip level shit; voo doo shit;)

* 3 houses; meetings; *a new interest*



What does he want now? In reference to a red head, a kid, or even a priest? Does he always have to sit on the right side? He doesn't even listen to it. Why is he doing that? I have no interest in it?

HEY SPIDEY LIGHTY FLIGHTY - The guy is now! He wants to get it. He wants to get it good. I would never resent anything so ever much as a side order of french fries? How is it when you get one in your mood? hahahaha


Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Game - Non

Lengthy participants:

To see how long it takes for her to pull her hair out.

Longest participants:

To see how long it takes for her to crack.


To see nothing and exit both to the entry.

longest talks everything. i am here.

lengthy tells me everything. i am here. and wants me to get in trouble. longest pops first, then me, then they all die.

DIE - lose all your shit.
LIVE - hangs on for awhile. DIE's first.
DYING - shortens toward the exit. exists only them.
LIVING - only the lengthy. DEAD also.


The only thing they want to see is me doing something and want to go off in a way of not an 8 ball entry level.

Why would I want them to mock anything when they can do it at any level?

They are steady and Drip Drip without the word Satan. Satan doesn't stick.


- Cause they stick and without the word Satan. Where timing is involved;

The issue is always the other. PERFECTION is the entire working. If it is perfect, there is no shit stick. Correct. The word Drip is appropriate from here. It comes in from an appt or election or holiday gathering where more people are involved than usual.

- It comes in.

Then it announces itself. I need to know more about your tree level garden/ garden system. It arrives toward the shem of steel light/theft light and only wants to do that - trust me, to never be in your way. That is wonderful.

- It calls itself not a con/thief grid only - no satan or eve system. example: [just a little, k?]

Automatically I know it is some good stuff, cause I barely worked on any of it [at this local]. I am aware it gets larger.

* I am aware. IT IS "THE ONLY" [instead of DRIP or shit].


I stop a few simple ways:

- I figure out the length is the same. If he doesn't have, then he does and she replenishes it. Anytime.

- When I see no shit. I sometimes cover and look never or it doesn't view.

- I wait for nothing or everything. I eat all I think that is here.

- If I think they maimed too much on me, then I start then. or when I hear clean.

- If it lengthens to clean each day - then I see "The only" and I whisper to stop. And may forget and START simple or easy.



Note: They are never at the door. Here is the next.

- I stay on the Truth and ignore they know or forget. An occasion or appointment only.

- The reality takes them to the Truth and they forget. Then they are talking and start to say you are good. Then they forget again. They display nothing. Then it is quiet but they are completely doing something.

- The door is open that aligns them to "the only" again. And it happens. Again, again, again until I have to adjust them to make it more degrastrious delicable. Yes. Okay.


It's at the last level where the shem is ARTS and never Jacob. It starts out from NOT [and this is the project] to NOTHING [no project, instant schedule base] to a counted system of how the longest wants me [normally head up]; NOTHING1; NOTHING2; NOTHING3; etal;;
NOTHING# - is the instant schedule base that is NOT story favor and simple without blasting it is so much; more luxury.

They are needing me to keep or continue the NOT formation; and that is available too that way also, but it lengthens on schedule time. I am disgusted with their antics on my body wear too. This is where I don't think about it. I have already notioned it to nothing. Very hard. It is disappearing and only an illusion. When starting something new, like with money or new wear, I normally go with it but in an odd way and the new is now existent to all.



there is no me.

how many times can lengthy go with longest until you see nothing?

zoom in to "until".

LongesT(m) + LengthY(y) = All ME instead - ME = (m)(y)

If you do the longest skit and do some length on it

you get ALL ME or my hunger to ignore everything but use it according to how you hear.
my pocket minutes to hours.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE - now fasting ready

Saturday + Sunday = Monday YOUR "timely(* belt"

Friday + Saturday and Sunday/SS = Monday YOUR "timely(* belt"

[(Have to ride it cold and inexist the belt in the fridge)]

Note: It's your timely you're on a fast. When you catch up with them that day or the next. The belt quickens and is replaced from what was in the fridge around the sting. And the timely becomes more expensive/or productive. Milk does the cold and flu and some odd entity spiral coco links; "the only" or fuck shit that wants to sting you the same way you prepare to do it. It is taking nothing/on the know(n) my own here.

Another note: TIMELY after doing the clean sting is always around the corner for 3 more days if the sting is on 24 hours only. If TIMELY gets to 48 hours of lengthening, then the belt is very tight and becoming never and my line of resist weakens/or loosens right.

A JOB NOW - as there are no people in your face to speak it out with you and try not to fuck up. More residual for them and never me. As best I am able at this time.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE - now fasting (closer to it)

Timely + Belt = My fasting

TB = My fasting
Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria usually attack the lungs, but they can also damage other parts of the body. TB spreads through the air when a person with TB of the lungs or throat coughs, sneezes, or talks.

The attack is timed.  24 hours to take all of it. They are on display now.

IT was found. 24 hours. Nothing. 


Friday, October 11, 2019

A New Program


The swag entity is now promotional. Will never lift. Understands that lift is everything. Will never do everything. We see the whole thing. They are the entire shift. They are told to stand. Down is the thing. They lead down. Down to go up only. They are feeling to do more on what you say.

Everything you can imagine. There is an existence that is very deliberate - with no process. They are promotional the same.


There are several dimensional channels that represent the DRIP.

IF/WHERE - They all are very decent people that way. They hear only the shit and go to speak it only.

TIME WEAR - [YOU! DIDN'T KNOW?] - The most existent is the longest wear share to the id. The lengthiest is the shortest never. NEVER - the allocated existent if I need to see. The DRIP is the area where you don't know the most where you sit there.

  • Me wear/Longest/most existent/levels of Eve and no interaction and Adam is slightly larger/under jacob/50% involved; [quiet and intelligent wear]
  • Me wear - 3 trio/lengthiest/shortest too/levels of Eve and no interaction and Adam is normal/id level; 10% folded/involved;[thinks its under Art]; [family is short this];
  • Jacob/longest/most existent/larger Adam and no Eve/under the n [quiet and intelligent wear; loud with d]
  • Art/lengthiest/shortest too/id level/normal adam and no eve; under nothing/exists me; [falls]
  • Jacob without ME wear/longest/lengthiest/most id/the beginning and not the fall/the last to talk/knows its under ART;N;and Jacob and ME;;No Eve;;

1 MAN sifts the most existent is now. 1,000nth sifts the lengthiest; compound interest - 1000; 10000; 100000; etal on the lengthy at the number era.

1000 MEN - no drip. 1 a year literally ; time on a shem.

CASH SYSTEM only - Is touching everything. Not ever nothing. The touch is against my own. They may not get it and sound. CASH = EMOTIONAL DISCHARGE; She is letting go daily. The SYSTEM = the approach they are doing. This is how far the touch goes regardless of the antrics to remain calm and more level respondent.
LIE happens once the CASH is the lowest from any antric. It doesn't dissolve, but it does run out until it doesn't happen again [has them to see it]. [this is loud; cry-filled]; meaning, there is still more CASH SYSTEM available for them on their own [and you may not know it]. The TRUE happens next until the same SYSTEM dissolve takes place [they are right].
THE DRIP / one's with cash - hurt me. more than the average. All know. All need to see. CASH is the lengthy. SYSTEM people make fun of.
I AM THE SAME - a you system; that hurts like shit

CASH is the ground. This is the dissolve ready her pocket KNOWN.

I am you; 1 man; millions; until you see 1.
- is he old
- is she old
- is he youngr genre; [embarrasses]
- is she youngr genre; [they go together regardless]
- is he white or black; [they don't have the thing]
- is he native american; [ike that needs a new wife]
- a mexican; [doesn't like devil mids]
- is it a guy; [before you] [gay as f]
- is it a woman/eve; [before you] [faggot!!!]
- is it a n enterprise; [that's him but...;]
- is it compounded in a system; [just cash ; a major life system that is disso ready by her]

KILLER - low econ to lower econ
MURDER - High econ to lowest econ in a set and all; forever;

ADAM is larger and EVE is not there yet. The most lengthy. ADAM is normal like me and EVE is not there yet. Only Art genre/ME MEME;;
ADAM is normal like me and EVE is approached or sitting on him or flexing. All the others or the ME genre [not representing the DRIP approach/entity];where they forget only.

NOTE: The DRIP catches ME and I arrive back down to Earth; its always discovered. The DRIP hangs ME on a slither of a rep arriving to EARTH; this is ME genre; never discovered; it is on both sides of the spectrum/on purpose or not; delivers EARTH on a NEVER era.

ONE DEATH and ONE RESURRECTION life ME is all ME and produce all the multiples genre; this could and does include Jacob, Art, and all the devil mid's; meaning, they do not stay here. Art is the lengthiest/shortest/id. Jacob dissolves Never; NEVER - before it dissolves him as the multiple; it kills Jacob and slims to ME; the Jacob expos is the only one that is black people and Simon entry meme is never viewed out or exist. The family level is done as Art. Some of the ME exists I viewed too. The DRIP local / ME is lower than Jacob and murder is involved as it slims to ME.

The 3 trio ME reside is a drip level that exists when Simon touched one. It started to blast name and id of face. 10% of drip loc is here and is part of the lengthening/shortest/id. Although the DRIP local/ME is the longest/most existent/lower than Jacob.

NOTE: you

- tell your secrets; tell all your secrets;;
[you get personal]

- dance with the devil; literally
[you giggle]



Note: All gained on NOT is now NOTHING. #abstract.comments# - mario trust, porn, and etal? y. All and Everything. y.

TUE, WED, THUR, SAT - SHEM/NOT-required/NEVER-on point yet/;ON ME-too soon;nice to offer it up a bit.

Two Mario trust buckets. One is before the timing; gas attack;; The other is a door progee;;


An exchange. Seclae. All located at the sprocket hotel logmo.
KILLER mode legions have depleted food interest and self proclamation view toward people. In front of the man/me meme and expressive. Also, all food has been wowed.
NOTE: never concerned about a Thursday or Friday or any interest showing a system trekba mode. NEVER - not in the way anymore after the food.

ALL will say it.
GOV'T exchange and logmo feature exhibits the entire penalty, crime, and n features that will ride around the shem for a bit. Thanks.

I give to the ARTS - the program is up as scheduled. [gets them up literally].; [JACOB is the shem right and has no N].

I give to JACOB - a dissimilar interested. I do the opposite. There are no people. The schedule arrive. [prison ready con on no people and is battling the light without a wand]; [ART is now the shem].

Most of the DRIP project gather is maxed out when you start with JACOB. 


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

My Viewer - Response - Light Body Action - Christos Grid


I told my out light body that is a dark entity rep/member a once idea non (one hidden and spoken never), that i have a viewer that is not beauty. On the Christos grid but never has arrived to it.

The entity the most ever this but on a cosmic guide is the active one. It has nothing but is trying to guide toward a view body out like the rep. He is loud and not ready.

People around me are responding where I would never know but I have an idea. It does respond to beauty only. It is smiling or never and does not arrive the same. It looks or places its face front item in front of me. And does not respond to anything. The screen is blank.

I would expect something like that to never be rid of an attack but it doesn't do anything and it wants to the entire time. I start to look and they are know (a sort of thing they do), everything on what I am to say. I live by myself and the rep/member is at the apartment and doesn't like when I yell and responds the entity the most. I am here and recognize myself but I don't engage with anything around me. This is a time when they need it to speak and say something on the go.


There is a way about people that is very sufficient but they are needing someone to tell them. They start to want everything, then they change their mind.

# A man from the time to start - Never got started - arrives from left to right like normal - gets mad the opposite to confuse you - gets confused the most - grows and pops - never risen - no eve to show them, only from the start - wants to give something - nervous - anxious - cons the christos guide - gives her the pain - rides to the death, forgets about it, then says O - [example; you get into a car accident and the car flips and doesn't get you to the point and you are clearORcleanORpsychicORpanicn123ORtheviewer, the other one is spinning uncontrollably and you are Same.OR, and the dark hangs you or something into a predict that is never one you experienced yet until youexist calms or dies toward an exist that may and you are Same.OR, it is a complete haunt, a cough with eyes shutting is Same.OR without the view from you, like normal.] - Their die or dying or death is never CLEAR or OR and by choice, they want it to hurt and say it IS, then they say nevermind but they are quiet and move slow and do things only - they get shot and have 3rd world/eye die episodes like newspaper and stories.#

* It is a mind that doesn't want anything but has grown to man on a focus that does not forget after approaching or leaving - [some key words: retard, picker, promoter of sainted hooded you but a non exist for you to go through, nigg, tighty, lick, slit] - all the same and is. *


There was only one death, one resurrection and there are never two of me that represent my cash.

Any alien formation that delves into more than one death is bound to get hurt from a passion that isn't from Christ or EVElyn. A cool ass nigga #language only# is what they see but instead of the word nigga, they see nigger as the cool ass they project only. If you listen to the sound, one does more than the other and it gets further away from Christ on who is super or flame or fire efficient. Like themselves. Once they see they are cool, all they see is they go through too many deaths that look different - and all of them are the same and never do they come back. It resembles a grown man or woman that sees to get it. They are already seeing to get it once I eat, excrimento, sleep, or have contact with a man rep/member and they are saying it is cool the entire time and only see multiple deaths and resurrections that have increase. Like lots of food. And gifts. They are seeing that I have risen but they never state my education and what I am about fully. Only ONE. One member. One sacrifice - which is normally me - and ONE everything about it. This adds up to a view or standard that appears multiple and danger zone. But they are nice. They don't want anything to do with us and see that it is great you don't have to smile or have an agenda. They see Christ but they reference the word nigger. Thanks!


The only thing I recognize is the entity should be standard. There is so much information but when they walk it, they want it to look like street knowledge - and their's may be different than that - the beginning always sees you to gain ALL KNOWING first. It follows you as you forget and wants you to get it.

The Unknown/InkNown is only what is written and never has it been exposed if it is some trailer area 51 skit. Hmmm. Only the entity will place this on the guide, but it knows it is not his shit.

Anyone who survives to survive off of KNOWN, is not sufficient electrical current/currency reside. They are all insufficient to make the race as any rat or mouse. They don't know that the race involves leaving that behind.


I arose toward the STREET KNOWLEDGE as no guidance but only the spirit residence evil area that trails you from one thing to the other on the ALL KNOWING guidance system of weekly, daily, and residual gain. I am embarrassed on the sin trinks but I am survive. About the same as the entity nig region is really gaining effort to survive me them. Thanks again.


Monday, October 7, 2019

Diagram of IZ - Underdeveloped Planta

Okay - Just one picture. thanks.

[One more thing - The embarrass is with Light and is the most real. A listen is collected.]

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Fasting Helium - Metaphysician Notes Only

Notes: to metaphysician on article posts that are referencing the Ant colony only. thanks.

It is 3 days to chase nothing. The entity is there.
Day 1, 2, and 3 are very active Ant agents.
24 hours to deactivate the grid from the Mouth.

SYMBOL AND SOUND PLAY: Mouth/Mouse/Moose/Mountain/Move/Monty/[[Mount Me]/Bounty/Bounti[[ful]/[[Bending]/((binging)+ and -/benji/^bent^/mending/

ADJUCTANTS: "Bending Over Backwards"
Symbol Sound Play: "Everything (please hump me) and lots of things for you. #silent: I eat eat eat until I eat you - #!(MORE for you^!"


Day 1: No mouth and you may be in front of her. Little voice is on and sounds ALL: little to really big to silent. It is length and tells you how length if it is completely quiet like a MOUSE. Can stride with the MOUSE that is quiet. Easy to do the corny loud one that sounds no different than before the deactivation. Day 2 is Moose and again, it tells you if it is loud or corny quiet. It has something to say. You can manage the length START from here. It may look like the following example.



A little ass and a long torso which is a lopsided asshole. One that is getting ready to fall. The opposite trips the length. The diagram shows a good stride at the START and a corny finish that is easy to wrap. The opposite shows that it trips in the beginning if it senses you are doing LIGHT; very easy to wrap.


She hands you nothing but a door notice and runs. She gives you a time that may not mean the same for her or you in the long run. It is showing MOVE. Back to the CALCULATOR. It is saying nothing. [something like a gargle ; this is^^!]. If it leaves something at the door on 3 or 4, this is corny if it is before 4. This means it is tripped up and can't discern. If it is after 3 and lands on 4, this is no stride, just wrap it with the other person. CORNIER. That the other person is rearing her too with her quality. Corny is easy to wrap. And should remain in front of you, if not - then that is easiest.


6 is good. With the length and corny only, and some heat may arrive when it is cold. The cold should not be heat ridden. The cold burns and you recognize it isn't that cold to do that. Another 6 is good to start more heat but the MOUTH has already been noticed and notified - this opens up your entrance to your main viewer you.


Key words:

corny [easy to do; but cold stingy and never settles] [if outdoors is involved or no communications set, this includes this]

stride [simple and may give you some heat elements with cold patterns]

Each day will add to a different set pattern on the length to manage how much she is doing for you. Thanks! 👉👊👋👱💋

NOTE: A letter on the door on Day 3 will relieve the MOUNTAIN day to calculate. It would be set on MOOSE daily [the one that does the MOUTH].

If ability to //MOVE the feet// is there towards the computer and start study patterns, then the MOUTH will member up toward BOUNTY. This is now daily or it resides back to MOOSE daily. The sound BOUNTY is very very very Large and only has a loud and confident sound. Never quiet or dull. IF there is no response on BOUNTY daily at the computer, then this is very very very Corny/Ez.

A Primary example on 10 days.

-------+---------------------+>>> [start here; stride]

-------------------+ [Day 3; It is chasing nothing]

-------+    [Day 3; It is chasing everything]

The sound is here. A lengthy D that needs this or this before it sounds out and if it goes to corny, YES, then it is playing games the most. [typically, a no response is the corniest if it is on a LOUD noise to do and you hear nothing]. Sounds Like: A corny trying to get his length back.
The View: What is happening as it is talking or not talking and how long they may be doing that is blended with what they actually speak. People around you notify you the most of corny effort.
The BLEND: A statement and what the day is set on.

The day you eat is the most day of anyone. ADD that it is very LOUD to anything that is happening. LOUD LOUD only equals to Corny extreme. LOUD QUIET equals out to the opposite of what the day is QUIET.


Saturday, October 5, 2019

After Fasting Helium - Husband Contraband and Nut - Sexually Explicit Warning !


There is a symptom that will be extracted from a base unit. The Husband MEME LOC guy is the only one. And there is a MEME me her without the Eve on Adam. It stays back. She represents the daughter as I play out the World Set.

There are 10 months that they are explicit in a minimal setting inland area government control/scientist region. Hazardous waste lockup area.

She is his girlfriend and I am the wife.

The playout is to regain all items.


The husband and the girlfriend are all playing the explicit scenes around me. But never with me. The DRIP is this the most. I am interlocked in sessions with the husband personally and some broads that he never speaks, but we end up all fucking. The husband and I are documented as agents that set them up - and I am not confused. Very explicit on how he gets this done without me knowing. They end up in our house and I am still there. We are rich, and our attorney writes up our rights and how much he is eager to remain control on major in the marriage. Never to divorce. I share agreement to him with an individual we are to maintain an order exist on in levels of explicit abuse - with domain rights that have to do with metaphysics and how hurt the person gets after it levels toward the center. The mind is developed, but the logic is restrained in terror.


We finish up the last of our agreements with the rest of those broads at the beginning. We are now married and alone. And on a ME LEVEL schedule that works for both. No more girlfriend.


Each representative or member will succumb what a marriage is. They are all waiting for it. We will level with each one.


The World - Gov't - The Me Realm Near


This is the 40. Exist. All family and friends were created and I am here alone. There is no husband. There is a ME/MEME LOC that wants to do everything. His exist is created more and now.


The Drip created this after being told Earth is gone. They are real on realm talk only. They may skip to do the ME REALM NEAR but they have a difficult time breathing. The work dissolves and travel back to this area. The entire thing is managed higher and the Drip wants to do it management on a low scale only. There is everyone and some travel up to rise. Other's do not and most are the drip. The entity is always by himself and plays games on the opposite regard in your view. WARNING FOR A ME/MEME: The entrain border on this is their take on politics and management; they wouldn't be down there. DONE.


They are the same, but they are people, not spirit entities that drift. They did not bribe and the Adam is still by himself. WARNING for a ME/MEME: The entrain border on this is they spoke with me personally before I arrived to The World. The only one's that would have an interest on the Gov't playout or my MEME LOC husband in memory. It's like they are cheating. Once they figure out how to involve themselves, everything hurts on some subtle bodies of mine. They know this is happening. DONE. ANOTHER WARNING for a ME/MEME: The entrain border on this is they never speak to people and are hardly used to conversating; so when they involve on your husband specifically, then they are indulging on SHIT only. DONE. Note: We get slim and may evolve to another type [than a constricted controlled person dimension on all crown realms] and the control is always on finishing up a grid. End Note. The conversation for a ME/MEME with these types is awkward and never exist literally. There is a setting - almost like a green screen - but is more expensive. He is by himself too like the spirit entities. He makes it up verbatim that you are speaking with him and someone else. I may see it clear.

CONFUSION ALERT! They are always confused if they masturbate to him. They need the information. Like masturbation. They are feel on the ruler #6 but not ever more than that - which creates more kids. Then all the feel gets taken too. THIS MEANS - they are quite retarded by choice and are very by themselves and only exist at that level. That means they are GOOD and you are watched. Continuously on the Drip Level. ALSO, they are always brought back up - The other realms rise. Not necessarily the GOV'T.

The longer they stay: the more they figure the guy out more. He keeps throwing them off. They are brought back up inconvenience, but that is the criminal level playout. They are reprimanded on the same level. As they are playing out a Drip only; that exists forever.
The ME realms can do whatever at lengths of time, unless they messed with the husband / The DRIP level existors.


Fasting Helium - Chasing the Drip - The Feeling of the Statement

Fasting Helium - Chasing the Drip - The Feeling of the Statement


The intermittent fasting is now on a 6 level. Starting should have been prepped with STARTS to MID to recognize the RUN.

You are running to 3 sets; as the fasting rhythm NEVER stops in your mental [you will notice an ABLE body] and most of your subtle bodies rhythm's are centered. This is noticed by the one's who have prepped on STARTS mentioned above.


Yes. Meaning, have I witnessed my kid kid laughter with items or things retrieved from the Light specifically and not just the adult essentials? Yes. lol. This is very important. You are always taken care of by him. So why fast, right? I have witnessed it on a Wiccan level interaction and it has provided timely and specific to my asking invocation method. Yes.

THE DRIP IS HERE - AND YOU HAVE 4 to 5 DAYS - GO! What does this feel like??

1. Gather it. You know what it looks like. Chase it never. It comes to you the whole time.

WARNING #$%! : If it is admin that has taken your time to walk to a location to communicate and some facing methods are inappropriate to her level of intake, then you may not see the Drip dissolve readily. The only way to see it dissolve at your distance rate of interaction is to create a lockbox her. Her employment is your strife. Your walk is not facing her office. That means the drip is on the opposite side of the water. Where she wants you dog face down.

Creating the Lockbox her: [Remember: there is no Eve on the drip. Only a fake Adam him]. This only is a person. And it has to let you know it is done. Never is it spiritual imagery. You need to see her working, but know it is her. Her office has to be placed in the middle of your view and then disappear. Then, you have to run to the location. Check to see if the door is marked with RED CHRIST SYMBOL and look for your name. All clients are resolved of a water bill stamped with court case.
WARNING #@$!: You may lose your Light Factory rhythm doing this. This is how; there is no rhythm. Check to see if this is a normal LIGHT PHYSICAL CHRISTOS check. Yes. Mine is set and she arrives right before it. I lost that one.
METAPHYSICIAN NOTE ONLY: The Gas Attack Agent will work for me. I did lose a Light trick that worked with my hands. This will be. No. This isn't it either. This won't work. Because she is the only one that notifies me too. Like she replaces Light Entrances. This is so fucking criminal !

1. She takes the cake
2. Two Light Factory Circuits created by me; takes the cake

If I stay on the gas attack agent along with the hand velium, it will notify me of the cake. Her's never rises or settles on consistent. I can deal her on the RIGHT of the GRID [instant only]. But I am technically looking for a response on the start of the fasting first. She has already stated, you have no time. With only 4 to 5 days left now. With the all knowing/decimal point 666 or .666 or The Drip, She fashions herself around people. She always is dealt here. Anything.


Note: I have settled to deal her instant only and to continue with my LIGHT FACTORY CIRCUIT.

It is rushed and never does it regain in a view decent for you to technically say anything about it. SO - THAT MEANS, you will feel very very very sad or hurt or some type of emotional feeling that arrives from them. There is only one available lift possibility that an admin assist can use but timing matters for it to be the one.

1. In a rush
2. Weird    [could witness phantom]
3. Trying Hard [could try to knock your subtle body head off]
4. Sad or hurt [could drain and have you feel it in your throat]
5. Anticipating [if you set a grid to watch]

Note: With experience of how it feels sometimes on the START to MID, the arrival of bliss is normally your project or the entrance you created.


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